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SPSS Licence - Download-FREE OF CHARGE

SPSS Licence - Download-FREE OF CHARGE


SPSS Licence

The newest version of the Mac OS “Sonoma” was released in September 2023. As of October 2023, IBM SPSS statistical software does not support MacOS “Sonoma” until IBM develops SPSS 30. SPSS is available on all College computers in the meantime. 

After purchasing you will be sent a link to the download along with your authorisation code.

By purchasing you are confirming you have read the below end user licence agreement and agree to abide by the terms laid out within it. You are therefore entitled to install and use SPSS v26.0 under the Site Licence Agreement held by Bishop Burton College whilst you are one of the following:


  • A current full time or part time employee or enrolled student.
  • A current full time or part time faculty member or enrolled student
  • A current third party contractor whilst working for the college.


You can only install ONE copy of the software under this agreement on a computer which is owned, leased or controlled by yourself.

You agree only to use the software for your own requirements and not for commercial timesharing, rental or service bureau use.

You agree that you will not reverse engineer or decompile the software.

You agree not to make copies of the DVD, or knowingly allow others to do so.

Although you can make two (2) copies of the software for archival and backup purposes. All copies of SOFTWARE shall remain subject to all terms of this agreement, and shall include copyright notice and any other proprietary notice set forth on the master media and at a minimum shall include the following:


“Copyright IBM Corp. 2019 Licenced Material – Property of IBM Corp. All rights reserved”


The authorisation code provided under this agreement will expire on 01/12/2024, at which point you will need to contact the LRC to arrange to obtain a new authorisation code.


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